About KGS
About KGS

Head office

Roles of office employees

Head office


  1. To deal with Governmental offices and regular businesses’ official documents
  2. To sign a contracted research and special accounting(research funds)
  3. To examine accounting transactions
    - Fund management / general account
  4. To handle Secretariat-related affairs

General manager

  1. Publication of papers
    - Editors’ meeting, submission & evaluation of papers, profreading, publication
  2. Special edition’s publication of KGS papers(submitted papers for fall conference)
  3. Publication of IJGE(International Journal of Geo-Engineering) and push forward SCI-E quaterly publications
  4. Publication of KGS monthly journals
    - Fund management/general accounting
    - Ask around to write a preface
  5. Conferences
    - Submission of papers(Oral & poster presentation/session formation)
    - Sell booths to participants, install posters, look for souvenirs
    - Collection of abstracts, CD production
    - Write, profread and print leaflets and programs
    - Organize proceedings and give instructions to convene a meeting
    - Manage conference venues
    - Work a number out based on conference budget
  6. Upload monthly collected papers at NRF(National Research Foundation of Korea
  7. Deal with international affairs(ISSMGE, conclusion of the MOU) and International societies(ICSMGE, IYGEC, YGEC)

Assistant manager

  1. Publication of KGS journals
    - Submission of manuscripts, editing meeting, profreading, printing, work progress
  2. Official member & special member, ISSMGE membership management
    - Send out official letters & documents to collect membership fees
  3. Publish proceedings of the general meeting and deal with a power of attorney
  4. Biannual Publication of a membership list
  5. Write and send out the newsletter(every 1st and 15th of the month)
  6. Homepage management
    - Data updates(revision and supplement), posting of announcements, KGS newsletter, and upload collection of papers
  7. Conferences
    - Pre-registration and onsite registration


  1. Reference room management
    - Manage office data and sell books
    - Homepage reference room: KGS newsletters, collection of papers & conference submitted papers, update of a list of KGS materials
  2. Accounting and document tasks
    - Send out bills, receipts and keep books up to date
    - Mail official documents, applications and office work
  3. The technical committee management
    - Support the committee’s seminar and make calculations
    - The committe-related affairs
  4. Advertisement
    - Bring in advertisement for biannual conference
    - Bring in advertisement for monthly KGS newsletter’Jiban’
  5. Arrangements for a board meeting and presidential meeting
  6. Conference
    On-site registration, etc.