Operation rules

KGS Award Operation Rules

  • Art.1(Purpose)
    • The rules set up guidelines to choose KGS award winners as individuals or groups in terns of technical & academic advances in the field of geotechnical engineering.
      The KGS( known as a non-profit organization) award committee states how the committee enacts its rules.
  • Art.2(Organization of KGS Award committee)
    1. 1. The committee consists of the chairperson and less than 20 members
    2. 2. The president appoints the chairperson among its members
    3. 3. Vice-presidents who deal with academic areas, paper collections and academic, planning, korean paper managing directors and IJGE editing managers turn into ex-officio members. The president appoints auditors and members who then go through a strict screening
    4. 4. The chairperson and its members take office for 2 years and the chairperson can't continue another 2 year term. However, if the chairperson takes over the ex-chairperson's term, he or she in this case can be re-elected.
    5. 5. If needed, the committee establishes other sub-committees and set up detailed rules
  • Art.3(Meeting)
    1. 1. The chairperson or more than half of its members are able to ask a demand for a meeting
    2. 2. When half of its members are present at the meeting, two thirds of its members can agree to have any issues resloved
    3. 3. The meeting have important issues resolved without revealing any names of voting members
  • Art.4(Types of KGS award)
    1. 1. Korean Journal Award
    2. 2. IJGE Award
    3. 3. YGE(Young Geotechnical Engineers) Award
    4. 4.KGS lecture Award
  • Art.5(Qualifications of papers for KGS Award)
    1. 1. Korean Journal Award- For papers published in the collection of Korean papers and they proved to be creative, excellent geotechnical research papers
    2. 2. IJGE Award- For papers published in IJGE collections and they proved to be creative and excellent geotechnical research papers
    3. 3.YGE(Young Geotechnical Engineers) Award- For geotechnical engineers under 40 years old who produce creative, excellent research papers and actively engage in the Geotechnical engineering field.
    4. 4.KGS lecture Award- For individuals who receive awards by KGS Lecture operation rules
  • Art.6(Qualifications of papers for KGS Award)
    1. 1. The committee posts the recommendation guildelines in Dec. Jiban issue and at KGS website
    2. 2. The specially formed award screening committee recommends KGS lecture, Korean Journal award, IJGE award and YGE Journal award nominees
    3. 3. Apart from being recommended by the award screening committee, KGS members or committees recommend nominees
    4. 4. The committee sets up details of the screening procedure for evaluation and recommendation
    5. 5. The committee recommends all the areas of award winners under KGS award operation rules
  • Art.7(Award winners)
    1. 1. The committee chooses a winner and reports the winner in writing to the president and lastly recommends to the board of directors
    2. 2. The recommended nominees who receive approval from the board members finally become the award winner. If nominees get rejected, there will be no award winner in that field
    3. 3.In principal, each field awards one winner; however, there can be more than one winner
    4. 4. If each field doesn't find the winner, there will be no prize giving
  • Art.8(Double awards)
    • The same achievement doesn't make double awards
  • Art.9(Prize giving)
    1. 1. Prize giving events take place at the general meeting every year
    2. 2. Prizes are awarded in the form of a plaque or award certificate
    3. 3. If the prize winner doesn't take his or her award for 6 months, prize giving is cancelled
  • Additional Rules
    1. 1. Breach of Confidentiality- A meeting for choosing prize winners is being held hiddenly and any results of discussion, consideration and procedures are not announced to the public
    2. 2. A notice of winners - In principal, if any particular reasons happen, a list of winners' names are posted on KGS homepage before the general meeting
    3. 3. Revisions to the rules - A board of directors have any rules revised
    4. 4. Exceptions - If any affairs have nothing to do with KGS award rules, articles of association and KGS operation rules follow
    5. 5. The operation rules take effect after June 17, 2011.