KGS (Korean Geotechnical Society) has been formally inaugurated based on research and technical support in regard to geotechnical engineering under the Minister of Construction and Transportation's authorization.

Major Activities

  1. 1. Do a research on basic theories and applications of Geotechnical engineering.
  2. 2. Popularize outcomes and research methods of Geotechnical engineering.
  3. 3. Exchange information and collect data on the scope of Geotechnical engineering.
  4. 4. Provide technical exchange among KGS members and technical training regarding Geotechnical engineering.
  5. 5. Publish monthly journals, collected papers including 12 Korean papers and 4 English papers, research reports and books.
  6. 6. Host academic conferences, lectures, and conferences.
  7. 7. Carry out field trips and site inspections.
  8. 8. Continue business with high aims to serve the society’s basic roles in relation to the academic and technical growth of KGS